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Your content structured organized ....

... managed and processed in the cloud by SyContent

... delivered to your hosting via FTP, SSH or more as HTML, JSON, PHP or more

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Host your own site on your own server - still using the advantages of the cloud to store and manage your content. SyContent is a content publishing platform hosted in the cloud. It deploys your website directly to your server via FTP, SSH or any other transport method. This allows you to use any host while assuring the privacy you need for your customers, without the expensive resources that need permanent maintenance.

SyContent has all the advantages of static content, with the flexibility normally associated with dynamic content. Content lists can be updated when content is added, not needlessly regenerated and cached. An upgrade on SyContent will never stop your production. Deploy to multiple places to assure stability without complex cluster management. Invest time getting your SEO right without drawing a negative SEO penalty for slow response times. This works because the processing gets done before the crawler ever requests the page.

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As a cloud service, SyContent brings with it all of the powerful advantages modern service hosting offers, like easy API access and the option of cooperative work with shared site access. When a clone of your site is just a click away, your development process is faster and easier. Get new features and options without needing a new installation or update of your existing project. Projects of public interest can safely reveal their content management infrastructure and allow people to contribute with ease. Soon, SyContent will feature content requests similar to pull requests on GitHub, making editing accessible for all.

Powered by the Google V8 JavaScript engine, you can easily make scripts for content processing. With JavaScript at the core, it's easy to find developers who can help you finetune your content processing. It's also easy to use Coffeescript or similar languages which compile to JavaScript. Custom scripts can import data from remote sources like social media platforms and prepare content just for you.

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Working alone often requires the cooperation with other freelancers or partner agencies to provide the requirements your customer needs. Privacy is a very high topic these days and so more and more people want to host as locally as possible, assuring the privacy of their website readers. Getting an installation for a specific content management system on those local (probably already defined resources) is a blocker in many projects.

With SyContent you are able to focus on your specific service and leave all the other topics with the cloud. Your customers instantly have an interface to add new content. If you're a designer, can make a beautiful website without needing an extra developer to work with a content management system. If you want to offer a shop solution, you can leave the product management to SyContent, only adding the minimal serverside development required for making use of a payment gateway. SyContent just delivers the base information as you want it.

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The root of the SyContent concept is the advantage of combining the power of an enterprise publisher content management system together with classical PHP includes. This idea lead to a rethinking of the core problems faced by users. SyContent generates a simple PHP structure that is used to render a specific template. By keeping the server side code minimal, management is simple. Instead of bending an unflexible content management system, SyContent serves as straightforward and powerful platform to build on.

Another advantage is speed. PHP is slow, and by removing so many layers of development from your production sites, SyContent will hugely reduce request time. Using just a plain PHP Template on a simple base data structure that is rendered into the PHP file, SyContent can often handle up to 1000 times more requests per second as Typo3 or similar content management systems. In addition, the small framework will drastically reduce your security concerns. SyContent will also be able (through a gateway PHP file) to fill a database on the target site making it simple to add a search to the site, with like.. 5 lines of PHP.

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Not only PHP can gain value from an external content management. Also in other languages the content management is an always central topic Delivering a simple interface for the customer to edit aspects of his or her website which are not part of the main product (like an about page) is no longer a concern. You can still control the output with your specific code and template system, using SyContent to deliver, for example, JSON files with the data you need. This means the customer can start entering data before the project is started.

With the API access you will also be able to provide custom interfaces to provide data and use SyContent for yourself, as generator for the static pages. This way you can easily adapt ongoing dataflows to SyContent, reducing cost and increasing value for the customer without loosing one second of concentration on the main product you provide for your customer. With SyContent it is easier to cooperate with designers and other freelancers to increase your value. Integrating these things into your content management is very often a hazard and a risk of breakage. Providing a custom installation to your clients is can also reduce costs - with SyContent you can give them a clone of the site and start development from their concepts directly, or begin cooperative work immediately.

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Understanding all layers of the internet, from the grounding of the hardware to a users browser, often leaves you dispatching to specialized companies while still trying to keep an eye on the interests of the customers. This often binds you to a specific company's specific development flow. With SyContent you can supply a platform for the cooperative work on all layers, giving yourself the power to see and assure quality during growth, preventing conflict before it produces costs.

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SyContent finally puts companies in the position to get the best of all worlds: pick every host you want for your website, a cheap host if your needs are simple, or custom hosting within your own facilities to provide maximum privacy for your customers, or any option in between. Switch between hosting providers with ease, and without worry, while you focus on your company. Or, hire multiple companies to work simultaneously on your behalf - a designer to make the best out of your data, with an independent SEO company, optimizing your website for search engines.

Having the option to choose from a wider range of companies while combining the best of all worlds is the rare option that SyContent provides. With time, there will be a wide community of consultants and service providers together with SyContent, making your site the best possible, with a minimum on costs. It does not take a large amount of money spent on your website to keep control of your content and have a production ready website. SyContent fills the wide gap between horrible turn-key solutions and the very expensive full service agencies.

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SyContent is written in Perl and runs on Linux. Open source software helped make SyContent possible, and we believe supporting the development of free software is vital for the community as well as our work. Because of this, we plan to create a public community for developers of sites generated with SyContent. This will be a free platform for public projects to reduce their cost of content management and will provide an easy way for supporters of those projects to contribute back to the community.

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Each site with SyContent uses a PostgreSQL database (from which you can export your data at any time). The SyContent interface provides methods to design the structure for your site, which relies on Models. Every model has Fields which are based on a set of Attributes, types you can define per site. Additionally, every model has Carvlates which define a resulting File, specific for the current Content of the model. All together, if you have 2 contents for your model, and your model has 2 carvlates, you'll have resulting 4 files generated.

A carvlate doesn't need to be a plain template, it can also be code to generate a specific file format which you require. You can make entirely independent files based on pure code. We supply a tree that shows you the complete structure of the files for your site - so you can see what gets deployed at the moment of publishing. We call this process of generating the files Carving and the process of delivering the files to the Target systems is called Exposing. Your targets are grouped in Stages which such as live, staging and independent development targets.

Additionally, we supply Trees to make organization of a classical menu-like structure simpler. A model can be bound to a tree, which means that every new Node in the tree will become a new content for the model. In combination with carvlates, this will generate new files for the site structure. Finally SyContent supports Rules, which give the option to run specific code each time content is updated, created, or at any other hookable event.

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SyContent is developed by Torsten Raudssus, a Software Engineer well experienced in the daily routine of web development. In the agency world, he worked with all kinds of content management systems in languages such as PHP, Python, Java and Perl. With over 20 years of IT challenges on all layers and in all kind of environments shaping design choices of SyContent, the result is a well balanced concept that fits to a wide range of customers. In particular, experiences with enterprise publishing content management systems instilled the idea for delivering the same workflow to the cloud. We believe content management should be enterprise grade, easy accessable and still affordable for companies.

SyContent is part of the von Bienenstock Network and part of its product line.

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As SyContent is still in its alpha stage, we are far away from offering enterprise support, but we are excited to make custom installations for your own sites, with your own users and administrative functionality, supported directly by us. In the future, SyContent plans to offer turn-key enterprise solutions that can be installed on your own private resources.